Better Late Than Never

It was my intention to start the New Year with a new blog……so here I am writing my first post…..and it’s the middle of March. Sometimes the little things in life conspire to become one BIG thing that gets in the way of finding the time to do the ONE thing that you really wanted to do. But, in the long run I suppose it doesn’t really matter when you start, as long as you actually DO start…..and now I have started…..

The whole New Years’ Resolution thing was an EPIC FAIL this year…..the late blog start is somewhat overshadowed by the early demise of my Project 365 photo album. I managed to make it into February before giving up hope of taking an interesting /beautiful photograph every day for the remainder of the year. Yes, I know I could easily take one photo a day – point, click, job done – but to take a photo that is different and exciting and that I would want to share with my friends is not as easy as it sounds… I decided to stop trying. I still carry my camera everywhere I go – an EPIC WIN as this was last years’ resolution, still going strong 15 months later! So I will always be prepared when a photo opportunity comes along, whenever and wherever that may be.


jan 2nd 009b

jan 4th 005

jan 10th 070



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