Gelli Printed Washi Tape – Video Tutorial

Hello!! Just a quick post today sharing my new video tutorial. I have been making my own printed washi tape using a gelli plate and rubber stamps. Hope you enjoy it!!

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  1. This is the closest to what I want to achieve with the gel plate that I’ve seen. Our taste is a bit different (as you were unhappy with what I considered some of the best I’ve ever seen), but your techniques are ones I can apply. I’m brand new to the gel plate, b/c most of the examples I’ve seen didn’t appeal to me at all. I saw no need to purchase one until now. You’ve shown me that I can achieve something that will look good to my eye, when all other examples (I’ve probably watched at least 50 of these gel plate demos) made me feel all that could be done was ugly stuff. I’ve never been a big fan of collage, thinking that for the most part, practitioners of it ignore the idea of a focal image and keep letting their love of just randomness and multiple layers dominate — so none of their art is simple enough for me. All is too cluttered for my taste. But now I know I can achieve what I like by just not putting on as many layers. It is your blend of colors that appeals to me the most, not the patterns. I really loved a few of the blends you created. So grateful to see something that I can use directly, without much adaptation and still be happy from the beginning of my process.
    On this entire video (& another I saw of yours from the same era) the sound is way too quiet, even with my sound turned up to max in every way, but your later videos are fine, so I assume you learned what you needed to change there.

    This is a marvelous idea of making my own washi tape! It might be worth it to you (& the rest of the community to just redo the sound on it and re-publish it. Excellent, excellent demo that I’ll be watching at least a few more times for all I missed, it was so packed with info I wanted to see.

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