From Green to Red

Yesterday was good old St Patrick’s Day, and wanting to do something small in his honour I got some bright and cheery chrysanthemums in yellow and green. It was suggested that we turn supper into a little Irish celebration with cheese topped potato cakes and a small tipple……no, not the black stuff ( I don’t like Guiness)… and lime – well, it was green after all!!!

Today is Red Nose Day…..a day to be confronted by people wearing fancy dress in every shop that we visited earlier on our wander around the town. Some outfits were a bit dodgy, some a little bit scary…but it is all in the name of charity so must be a good thing. I admit I’m not doing anything personally to raise money this year but I did find this recipe for some cute cookies on the BBC Good Food website.


cheese topped potato cakes


red nose day biscuits

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