Tempus Fugit


I have been a long-term fan of Steampunk style, and have slowly been collecting various bits and bobs in order to make a unique accessory for myself. Last week I found myself inspired to make a watch, so I sorted through my stash to see what I could use.

First of all, I pryed the hideous pink plastic ‘gem’ and metal bracket off the brass bangle and cut two lengths from the leather offcut. I lined the bangle with one piece of leather (because I have ridiculously skinny wrists!) Then I embossed a design on the other piece using an embossing folder and my Big Shot machine, before applying this to the outside of the bangle. I used a good strong jewellery glue to stick the leather on to the metal.

I fixed the watch face to a winged embellishment with wire, then attached this to a brass filigree disc which I curved slightly with pliers.

I used split rings to fix some fancy T-bar components to the disc before adding some brass chain and a clasp. The watch assembly is glued to the bangle with jewellery glue. The chain is not only decorative but acts as a safety chain so that the bangle can’t slip off.


I love this piece, although I don’t know how often I’ll wear it!

I think I’ll make a nice stand for it so that it can be displayed in the house. It’s too pretty to be put in a drawer.

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