Rosette Brooch (Prototype)

I’ve been wanting to have a go at making some fabric ‘roses’ for a while and finally snatched a bit of time to play around this evening. I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted to achieve and this is quite close (not bad for a first attempt).


I used some wool tartan fabric, black lace, deep red felt and a decorative metal button. The rose is made by folding and twisting a strip of tartan fabric, stitching in place at the back as you go. The button is sewn into the centre. I then sewed the lace around the edge behind the rose. After cutting a circle of felt, I cut ‘petals’ into it and used it to both neaten and form a solid backing for the brooch.

brooch side view

I like the way that some fraying occurs on the raw edges of the tartan, but I think that the fabric is a bit bulky causing the rose to be bigger than I originally intended. Next time I think I’ll try with some finer wool tweed or some linen fabric that I have in my stash. Also the lace is a bit too ‘fancy’ in design but it was all that I had in black. I have some nice rustic crochet lace in cream and sage green which would look good with the linen.

As with most craft projects, it’s all a matter of trial and error – there’s nothing wrong with this brooch, I just think that it’s design could be improved!

brooch 2

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