Generation A Subscription box – Photo

I missed reviewing last month’s box unfortunately, so have made the effort to share the May box with you.

The theme for this box was ‘Photo’ and I was excited to see what would be inside.

Generation A subscription box - Photo

As always there is a custom designed T shirt – this time it has a camera image and ‘Don’t be negative’ in a flock effect on the front. I really like this and will enjoy wearing it.

We have some cool sticky notes that look like Polaroid photos, and some mini magnetic frames (perfect for my Instagram photos I think!)

There is a Bluetooth remote shutter for Android/iPhone – I doubt I will use this item, but it fits the theme well.

There is a Copic blender pen for creating an image transfer – and this is what the monthly competition is all about. I like this item as I have a lot of Copic markers so will use this alongside them.

Finally, a Chupa Chup lollipop – probably to make up for the small number of items this month. Five is the minimum I think, and that’s all we got this time. They are all on theme though and quite varied, so I  am happy.

The only complaint that I could make is the advertised value of the contents. I pay £17 a month as part of my 3 month subscription, and a quick Google had me total these items at around £15 not including the T shirt.

I saw a reply on the Facebook page last month stating that the Photo box had at least £45 of product in it. Unless the T shirt is valued at £30, then I find this hard to believe. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that I have paid £17 for this box (as the contents are indeed worth that), but it was wrong to over estimate the value like that.

Not sure what next month will be all about….watch this space!

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  1. Good morn to you,
    I am curious about the lot you get each month. Can you tell me which company (Generate)? Would be interested in checking them out. Thanks much

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