Technical Difficulties with Facebook

Yesterday my Facebook account was hacked and spammed a lot of my friends with adverts for Ray bans. I thought I had got it all sorted out until last night when Facebook blocked me from logging into my account.

I can only get back in once I verify who I am, but Facebook is not letting me do that (telling me that I have exceeded my hourly limit for trying, even though I haven’t actually been able to try yet!)

Unfortunately that means I am just playing a waiting game, which could take hours, days or even weeks (according to a quick Google search).

Sincere apologies to Design Team members as well as friends – there is nothing I can do at all. I can’t even find a way to report the issue I’m having to Facebook.

Please can you let my Design Team friends know if possible, so they don’t think I have fell off the edge of the earth!!!

Hope to be back as soon as I can.

7 Replies to “Technical Difficulties with Facebook”

  1. Facebook is being a right royal pain in the bum at the moment…….I couldn’t get on at all this morning 🙁 I’ll pop a post on the Jones DT page hun and tag you in on FB then it should show up on your wall, good luck Elizabeth xxx

  2. GOSH! That is terrible! I hate that. We will be patiently waiting for this problem to be solved. Thanks for letting us know Thanks.

  3. I saw the Ray Ban thing and sent you a message, then you were gone! ? Hopefully this gets worked out soon. If you want us to post your TEW projects for you, post your completed work in your Dropbox folder and we can link to your blog! xx

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