Generation A March Box – Cartoon

It’s time for another Generation A subscription box review from me – this month our theme was ‘Cartoon’ and I genuinely had no idea what might be inside the box this time. Once again, I was really impressed with the selected items – great choice representing value for money and originality.

Generation A subscription box - March 'Cartoon'

There were a couple of improvements to the contents this month: the first is that we had the choice of a ladies fit T shirt (or child fit), something that really pleased me as the standard fit swamps me a bit. The design was a Disney inspired one this month featuring Mickey’s hand and a Walt Disney quote. The fabric was again, great quality, and the design was in vinyl and flock. Quite impressed with the generous size, and will probably downsize to a Medium next month (ladies sizes always a nightmare to gauge, so I erred on the side of caution this month and went Large!)

Continuing the theme we have some super cool Googly Eye push pins…..going to have to draw some cartoon figures and attach them to a notice board with the pins!!

There is a pair of Adventure Time badges (being coveted by my daughter as we speak!!) and two Spectrum Noir blendable marker pens (I got two Flesh tones – not sure if everybody has the same colours or not).

We have a cute Munny World figure – I am really excited about this as I can’t wait to customise mine!

There is a Cupet – I haven’t seen these before, and need to download a free app to interact with my pet….assuming it is a Tamagotchi for the 21st century…..

Finally we had some Maoam sweeties (an apology for the slight delay in despatch this month) and the Generate magazine. This has been improved to a proper little booklet instead of a fold out sheet. Lots of facts, info, pictures and details of the competition this month.

On the subject of the competition, I won again last month – don’t all rush to congratulate me….I was the only entry!! I think that was a shame, although I am thrilled to have an extra item in my box as a prize, I am disappointed that no other subscriber fancied a go at winning…

I won a cool tin of putty:


This month the competition has two options: decorate your Munny figure or use your markers (and any other media) to draw a cartoon character….. I shall be entering again, and hope to have some opponents this month!

Fancy joining the Generation??

Would you like £3.00 off your first box??

Just name me as a referrer:


and grab your saving!!

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