Generation A Subscription Box – ‘Space’….and a Discount Code!

Yesterday saw the arrival of my latest subscription box from the lovely people at Generation A…..the theme this month was ‘Space’.

Once again, I had been keeping an eye on the hints and fun posts throughout the month on the Facebook group, wondering what might be inside my box of delights this time!

….and once more, they had worked their magic to bring a cool selection of items to my door!!

Generation A February Box 'Space'

As always, there was a custom designed T shirt – this time with a Mars inspired Generation A logo on the front, and the Generate mini magazine full of interesting information.

For the culture vultures out there, a copy of H G Wells’ War of the Worlds (I’ve never read the book although I have listened to the album, and watched the films many times), and a CD of The Planets’ Suite by Gustav Holst (cue booming music whilst doing the housework!)

For fun and relaxation a Puzzle Ball and mini Lego Kit!

Generation A February Box 'Space'

And finally, the most unexpected item was a lollipop that looked like a planet! Almost too pretty too eat….and very cool!

Generation A February Box 'Space'

Every month there is a photo competition – this time our challenge is to create an alien invasion scene with the Lego guy, using the empty box and any other props we have lying around the house. I will have to work on that!!!

Which brings me to my final photo…..I won last month’s competition with my Morph vs Red dragon picture and won this….

Generation A

Thanks so much guys!!

Would you like to join The Generation too??

Would you like to save some money off your first box?

Go to the Generation A website and enter my email address as your referrer:

Then enter the code CARTOON to save £3.00 off any plan you choose. Next month’s theme is ‘Cartoon’ (hence the code!!) and I am sure it will be as fun and surprising as the previous ones!!

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