Goodbye, Good Luck

This week, a lovely work colleague is leaving and I wanted to make her a keepsake gift. I had read about handmade Survival Kits on the internet last year and thought that this would be perfect. I used a tin (from Ikea) and various bits and bobs that I had lying around to assemble this gift.

I love these papers from Trimcraft – so cute and made from recycled paper! I punched a little label for the lid.

Then added some houndstooth ribbon around the sides.

The contents are an assortment of everyday objects.

I made a little book explaining the significance of each item:

A battery – to keep you going.

A paperclip – to hold it all together.

A plaster – to fix hurt feelings.

An elastic band – to stretch yourself beyond your limits.

A candle – to light the way forward.

A marble – to keep you rolling along.

An eraser – because we all make mistakes.

A jigsaw piece – to remind you that you are an important piece in people’s lives.

A penny – so you are never penniless.

Sellotape – for those sticky situations.

A button – for your lip, when you can’t thing of anything nice to say.

String – a little extra for when you reach the end of your tether.

A special gift deserves a special gift bag. I decorated a brown paper lunch bag with some backing paper and added some silk flowers, ribbon and a die-cut flourish.

The bag was big enough for the card box I’d made too, which I’d decorated with a die-cut shape, flowers and rub-on quote.

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  1. I love this tin, I did a similar thing when a colleague and close friend left work to go on maternity leave. Hers was presented to her in front of everyone in the office and contained things like earplugs and a sleep mask for when it’s his turn to get up for the baby, a jar of coffee and a “refreshing” shower gel for the morning after a long night.
    I would love to reblog this on my blog, I blog about my life, and my sewing and quilting makes but I think my readers would love to read this too.

    Claire Bear

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