Deck the halls……with mini bunting

Well today is the 25th……of November, and with one month to go until THE BIG DAY, I decided to get into the festive spirit and make the mini felt bunting I wanted for my Christmas tree this year. So, With Christmas 24 playing cheesy American movies on the TV, I got busy cutting and sewing.

I used a diamond cutting die by Nellie’s Frames to cut out my felt pieces. I had no idea how many pieces I would need, so I cut as many as I could get out of each piece of A4 felt, and ended up with quite a few spare – I’m sure that I’ll find a use for them!

Once I’d cut out all my shapes I folded them in half over some flat silver elastic and used a dab of Copydex glue to secure them. Then I stitched them onto the elastic using invisible sewing thread on my sewing machine.

The total cost came in at under £5.00, but was quite time consuming to make. However, it is perfect for the small tree we are having this year. If it didn’t take so long to make I would be tempted to make a larger version to hang in the window using the bigger die in the set….maybe next year!

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